About Us

Alep Press is a small publisher set up for books that might otherwise not see the light of day. As an independent imprint, the books of Alep Press will be commentary from independent writers on aspects of modern life, from literature to film, television and art.

The publisher’s name is taken from Phlebas, a Phoenician character in The Waste Land by T. S. Elliot. The brand (and the character) represents a continuum of art and culture from humankind’s earliest civilisations to modernity. The alep, the first letter of the Phoenician alphabet, underlies most subsequent alphabets and became the modern A. It is said to have evolved from the ox symbol of the proto-Sinaitic script from the border of ancient Egypt, in part derived from hieroglyphs. Our design shows that lineage from hieroglyph to alep and modernity – represented by the full stop of this moment in time, which is also the ox eye. So, the brandmark fuses past and present through the evolution of the alphabet’s first letter.