Spring 2024

The Primal Chorus of

The Sacred Wood

Following on from the themes of the first book, these essays look further into the distant past of humanity. They explore how the primeval genesis of rhythm, dance, music, language and culture are represented in The Waste Land, and how they inform the modern world.

Visit the paleolithic cave sanctuary, witness the primal sacred dance, and see the birth of music as the lustful god Pan pursues the Arcadian nymph Syrinx. Hear the ‘Adamic’ language in the poem, Proto-Indo-European, the root of the modern languages of Europe. And trace the development of the human ego from the primeval fireside group to modernity.


A Fan Book


The Scream that pierces nature

Revealing the mythic layer that unifies the greatest poem ever written, as the dark Adam of egoist modernity assaults the typist as Eve, and as all women.
Meet the Satans of Milton and Baudelaire, the satanic hero of Romanticism and Mephistopheles. See how the poetry and music of the poet-songstress Sappho is of very ancient origin, and how it is transported to 1920s London, site of the Roman Londinium. Learn of the battle of creeds in the Church of Magnus Martyr, which holds the carbuncle gem, and how that relates to Eliot’s battle with Nietzsche and his superman, the new man of the future.